About us

Rynek has been here for more than nine years. People of different interests meet regularly to find a pleasant atmosphere, good company, tasty tea, or thick smoke. But the time has shifted over the years, and so “Rynek” is trying to accommodate the requirements of today’s guest. Together we want to build a business concept that combines your desires and requirements – offering you helpful service, quality products, experience … all in a clean and inspiring environment.


We are offering you KARMAs 3.0 Da Vinci. Badcha type lasts for Ø1h (10g of tobacco), HMS lasts for Ø1,5h (15g tobacco).

Our tobacco offer is wide – it contains your favourite brands. You can always ask for help, even if you want another coals.


Now you can even smell the tobacco flavours, by yourself.


Hookah (Solaris + HMS) … 220 Kč

Hookah (Badcha) … 180 Kč

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Contacts and Reservations

Teahouse contacts and reservations:

+420 596 634 687 / INFO@RYNEK.CLUB

We’re open on:

Mon – Fri: 1200 – 2400
Sat – Sun: 1500 – 2400

Own by:

Transport tycoon s.r.o.
IČ.: 03058433
DIČ: CZ03058433

Rezervace na dnešní den lze provádět pouze do 10:00 dopoledne (neplatí pro telefonické rezervace a rezervace na následující dny).

Pro rezervace od 10:00 na dnešní den prosím využijte tel. číslo: +420 596 634 687, kde se můžete také doptat na volná místa.